At Biota Balance, we specialize in research and development of advanced probiotics for pets. Our patent pending and proprietary formula is designed to naturally balance, restore, and protect your pet’s microbiome.

Why are species-specific probiotics important?

Incorporating a daily dose of probiotics into your pet’s diet is an important way to contribute to their life-time wellness and health. Probiotics are beneficial bacteria that are naturally found in the gastrointestinal (GI) tract and help balance and maintain GI health. The GI tract of humans and companion animals are similar in some ways, but very different in others. We wouldn’t feed our dogs the same diet that we eat, would we? So why feed them probiotics derived from, and meant for humans? Within the GI tract, there is a diverse population of bacteria from different sub-populations. We know that different strains of probiotic bacteria co-evolve with the host and that the composition of the gut microbiome (the population of microbes in the GI tract) varies from animal to animal. Our probiotics are species-specific and adhere to our strict species-relevant concept.


Our probiotics are value-added and scientifically-sound

Our probiotics have been selected from a large number of potential candidates for their astounding characteristics. We have spent 2 years of research on scientifically validating our strains’ characteristics. Our research is conducted in a GLP-recognized facility using a team of scientists with backgrounds in food microbiology, medical microbiology, and immunology. Our strain validation method includes tailoring scientific experiments specifically for the animal which will consume the probiotic.